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Speaking Test

Hello guys.
Watch this video and be prepared for the test!!!!

Here are some tips for you:

 Cambridge English: Starters Speaking

Part 1
In this part, children taking the test point to the correct part of the picture. Penelope points to the man
and the trees. She takes some time to find the trees, and the examiner gives her time and then asks he
question again,‘Where are the trees?’. It’s good to take your time in the test, like Penelope.
Part 2
In this part, children put three small picture cards on the large picture. Penelope shows she understands the picture cards ‘flower’, ‘dress’ and ‘radio’ and can put them on the big picture in the right place.
Part 3
In this part, children answer questions about the picture, using only one or two words. Penelope shows she knows ‘duck’ and the colours ‘brown’ and ‘yellow’. She can also say that the dog is ‘swimming’. This is very good. Don’t worry if you don’t know a word. The examiner will help you.
Part 4
In this part, children answer questions about three of the small picture cards. First, Penelope answers
questions about chips (‘Do you like chips?’ and ‘What do you eat for lunch?’).She answers very well.
Then she answers questions about buses. She says ‘car’ for ‘bus’, but answers in a good way when the examiner says ‘Is it a bus?’. She can’t answer the question ‘What colour are the buses in Luxembourg?’ because she doesn’t know, but this is not a problem, as she answers the question ‘What colour is this bus?’ correctly (‘Green’). The examiner asks about ‘Luxembourg’ because she knows Penelope lives in Luxembourg.
Part 5
In this part, children answer three questions about themselves. Penelope takes more time to think in this part, and the examiner gives her time to think, then repeats the question, ‘How old are you?’. She
then says ‘Are you nine?’ so Penelope can answer the question. This is not a problem at all. Penelope does not answer the second question correctly the first time: ‘Who do you play with at school?’ (she says ‘Tennis’), but she answers it correctly the second time, when the examiner says ’Do you play with your friends?’ (‘Yes’). This is also not a problem at all, as Penelope answers very well in all the other parts ofthe test. 

Say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to the examiner at the beginning and the end of the test. Don’t worry if you don’t understand something. Just say, ‘Sorry, I don’t understand’. The examiner will ask the question again or tell you the answer. Be ready to answer everyday questions about yourself for Parts 4 and 5 like ‘How old are you?’,‘Is your house big or small?’, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’

Have fun and enjoy the test!

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