terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

Question Words

Hello guys!
How many words from the picture below, do you really know?

Those are QUESTION WORDS. We use them to formulate questions in a conversation. 

Look at the next picture and see some examples:

Now, can you come up with more examples of questions?
Write up some questions and show to your teacher next class, ok?


Let's sing these  2 songs and memorize the TOYS!!!

Numbers 1-100

Hey guys, 
Can you count from 1 to 100???

And how do you spell 39? And 48? 

Watch the video and find out:

Review Units 1 and 2

Hey guys!!!
Here is a very nice review for Units 1 and 2 
from your book.
Watch it and study it!!!
And your teacher may ask some questions next class...

Where is Monty?

Hey kids,
Where is Monty?

Is he under the bed?
Is he on the table?
Is Monty in the toy box?
Is Monty next to the bag?

Where is he!?????