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Guia de Estudos para a Avaliação Trimestral 3o. Ano, 4o. Ano e 5o. Ano

Guia de Estudos para a Avaliação Trimestral 3o. Ano, 4o. Ano e 5o. Ano
O que estudar?

UNIDADES - 8, 9, 10, 11 e 12 do CD ROM Kid's Box 2

Conteúdo correspondente no Caderno de Inglês
Folhas de Revisão devidamente corrigidas (afixadas no caderno)

Site Kid's Box Cambridge:

LINKS abaixo: 

UNIT 8 - My Town
(Places in Town = café, shop, park, street, hospital, flat)
(Prepositions = In, On, Under, Behind, Between, In front of, Next to)
(There is, There are)

UNIT 9 - Our Clothes
(glasses, handbag, hat, t-shirt, watch, jeans)
(Possession = Have got ) 

UNIT 10 - Our Hobbies
(Actions = reading a book, walking, playing football, playing badminton, playing hockey, fishing, taking fotos, flying kites, cooking)
(Love + Verb + ing, Like+Verb+ing, Don't like + Verb +ing)

UNIT 11 - My birthday
(Food = cake, lemonade, sausages, burguer, chips, watermelon)

UNIT 12 - Holiday!
(Beach X Mountain = shells, sand, sun, sea, animals, trees)
(Actions: picking up, reading, walking, swimming)

There is / There are

Hello guys!!!
Watch this video, pay attention to every detail on it. 
After, write down what you can remember, 

Ready???? Go!!!!!

Guia de Estudos para a Avaliação Trimestral 2o. Ano

Guia de Estudos para a Avaliação Trimestral 2o. Ano
O que estudar?

UNIDADES - 8, 9, 10, 11 e 12 do CD ROM Kid's Box 1

Conteúdo correspondente no Caderno de Inglês
Folhas de Revisão devidamente corrigidas (afixadas no caderno)

Site Kid's Box Cambridge:

LINKS abaixo: 

UNIT 8 - My Clothes
(T-shirt, shoes, trousers, skirt, socks, jacket)

UNIT 9 - Fun Time!
(Can + Actions = can play football, can play tennis, can swim, can play the guitar, can play the piano, can play basketball, can ride a bike)

UNIT 11 - Our House
(Parts of the House = bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall, living room, dinning room)
(Action = reading a book, eating fish, watching TV, drawing a picture, listening to music, sitting on the floor)

Do you like broccoli ice cream????? Yuckyyy!!!

Do you like cookies? 
Yessssss, I do!!!!!

Do you like salad? 
Yesssssss, I do!!!!

Do you like cookie salad? 
Nooooo, I don't!!! YUCKY!!!!!

Where???? What ?????

Hey students, 
Let's practice these 2 different questions:

- In the dinning room. (PLACE)
- He's eating fish. (ACTION)

Listen to the song and practice a little more!

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Do or Does? That's the question!

Hello guys!

Do you remember the difference between DO and DOES??? 
Yes, you do!!!! Great!!!
Do you know when we use DON'T and DOESN'T? 
No, you don't... Ok, no problem.

Let's practice answering to this exercise.

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Unit 10 - Transport - SING!!!

Hey guys, I know how much you like this song, right?
So, follow the lyrics and sing along!!!!!

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear!!

Hello Kids!!!
Look!!!!! The book we read today: 


Watch the video and have fun!!!!

Can you ????

Hey guys,
Can you play the guitar?
Can you swim?
Can you FLY??????

And this little blue bird in the video, can it fly?
Watch the video and write what each animal can do.

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Hot or Cold Weather?

Hey guys!
Watch this video, it's all about clothes we wear in cold temperatures!

Can you make a list of clothes we wear in HOT Weather?

Speaking Test

Hello guys.
Watch this video and be prepared for the test!!!!

Here are some tips for you:

 Cambridge English: Starters Speaking

Part 1
In this part, children taking the test point to the correct part of the picture. Penelope points to the man
and the trees. She takes some time to find the trees, and the examiner gives her time and then asks he
question again,‘Where are the trees?’. It’s good to take your time in the test, like Penelope.
Part 2
In this part, children put three small picture cards on the large picture. Penelope shows she understands the picture cards ‘flower’, ‘dress’ and ‘radio’ and can put them on the big picture in the right place.
Part 3
In this part, children answer questions about the picture, using only one or two words. Penelope shows she knows ‘duck’ and the colours ‘brown’ and ‘yellow’. She can also say that the dog is ‘swimming’. This is very good. Don’t worry if you don’t know a word. The examiner will help you.
Part 4
In this part, children answer questions about three of the small picture cards. First, Penelope answers
questions about chips (‘Do you like chips?’ and ‘What do you eat for lunch?’).She answers very well.
Then she answers questions about buses. She says ‘car’ for ‘bus’, but answers in a good way when the examiner says ‘Is it a bus?’. She can’t answer the question ‘What colour are the buses in Luxembourg?’ because she doesn’t know, but this is not a problem, as she answers the question ‘What colour is this bus?’ correctly (‘Green’). The examiner asks about ‘Luxembourg’ because she knows Penelope lives in Luxembourg.
Part 5
In this part, children answer three questions about themselves. Penelope takes more time to think in this part, and the examiner gives her time to think, then repeats the question, ‘How old are you?’. She
then says ‘Are you nine?’ so Penelope can answer the question. This is not a problem at all. Penelope does not answer the second question correctly the first time: ‘Who do you play with at school?’ (she says ‘Tennis’), but she answers it correctly the second time, when the examiner says ’Do you play with your friends?’ (‘Yes’). This is also not a problem at all, as Penelope answers very well in all the other parts ofthe test. 

Say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to the examiner at the beginning and the end of the test. Don’t worry if you don’t understand something. Just say, ‘Sorry, I don’t understand’. The examiner will ask the question again or tell you the answer. Be ready to answer everyday questions about yourself for Parts 4 and 5 like ‘How old are you?’,‘Is your house big or small?’, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’

Have fun and enjoy the test!

I Love my Clothes!!!

Hello Cambridge Students!!!!
How many t-shirts have you got? And shoes, how many pairs have you got?
Watch this video to learn more "clothes words" and answer:


For example: 
"I love red t-shirt and jeans, black boots and black jacket. And a black and white bag!"

What a mess!!!

Hello guys, can you say this chant really fast?
Let's try!????

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What a Wonderful World!!!

Hello guys, let's practice singing this beautiful song. 

Here are the lyrics, so we can sing together:

What A Wonderful World
I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
But they're really saying I love you.

I hear baby's cry, and I watched them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll ever know 
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world.

And here is the version we're going to sing at our "Show de Talentos" in November:

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Guia de Estudos: Avaliação Trimestral 2o. Ano

Guia de Estudos para a Avaliação Trimestral 2o. Ano
O que estudar?

UNIDADES - 5, 6 e 7 do CD ROM Kid's Box 1

Conteúdo correspondente no Caderno de Inglês

Site Kid's Box Cambridge:

LINKS abaixo: (postagens desse blog e vídeos)

Unit 5 - 
(short, small, clean, beautiful, big, long, dirty, ugly)

Unit 6 - 
Parts of the body:
(eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, head, hands, arm, legs, feet, toes, fingers, tail)

Unit 7 - 
Wild Animals
(giraffe, elephant, tiger, horse, monkey, crocodile, snake)

(in, on, under, next to, in front of, behind)

Guia de Estudos - Avaliação Trimestral 3o., 4o. e 5o. Ano

Guia de Estudos para a Avaliação Trimestral 3o., 4o e 5o. Ano
O que estudar?

UNIDADES - 5, 6 e 7 do CD ROM Kid's Box 2

Conteúdo correspondente no Caderno de Inglês

Site Kid's Box Cambridge:

LINKS abaixo: (postagens desse blog, vídeos)

Unit 5 - 
Present Continuous (TO BE + VERB + ING)

Parts of the house and Furniture:
(bed, garden, bathroom, sofa, window, cupboard, mirror, bedroom, kitchen)

Unit 6 - 
Food and Drinks
(juice, chips, milk, eggs, bread, chicken, rice, beans, meat, water)

Unit 7 - 
Farm Animals
(duck, lizard, frog, spider, cow, goat, chicken, sheep)

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It's Morning - Song

Let's Sing!!!


Let's sing!!!!

How do you like your sandwich?

Are you hungry?
Well, Iam! 
And I love a good old burguer, with lots of cheese, mayo and mustard!!!!
And you? 
How do you like your sandwich?

Use the ingredients below and create your own sandwich. Write down your answer and use this example to help you?

"Can I have a salami sandwich, with wheat bread, tomato slices, mustard and american cheese, please?"

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And your Family?

Hello Pupils!
Take a look at The Simpson's Family!

Cool, right?
Now, let's talk about your family:
How many brothers and sisters have you got? 
And Uncles? 
Are they young or old?
Write down something interesting about Your Family!

Family Quiz

Hello guys!
Let's try something really hard today?!!!

This FAMILY QUIZ is super challenging and you have to think and focus to answer it correctly.

Your goal is to answer at least  8 questions, ok.


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Are they Old or Young?

Hello students!!!
Look at these words. They are Opposites.

The words Old and Young, Happy and Sad, Tall and Short are Adjectives. 
Now, look at these pictures:

Can you use 1 adjective for each picture? 
For Example: Old Books, Happy Girl...

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Parts of the House and Furniture

Hello Guys!
Take a look at this picture:

It's a very big house, full of furniture (objects in the house).
How many objects can you name here?

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I Love My Family!

Hello kids!
I love my family! My mother is so beautiful, and my father is super funny. My sisters are my best friends.
And your family? 
How many people are there in your family? 
What are their names? 
Are they cool?
Watch this video and learn more about Family Words.

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Alphabet with Peppa Pig

Who likes Peppa Pig????
Let's learn the Alphabet with her?

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