segunda-feira, 13 de março de 2017

Rainbow Song

Hello guys,
I know how much you love this song, 
so SING ALONG!!!!!

Extra Activity: 
Listen to the song and colour the rainbow following the correct order. Show it to your teacher next week.

What are they doing????

How many actions can you see in the picture?
Let's create some sentences, using:


For example:
The dog is barking. 

Now it's your turn!!!
Don't forget to show the answers to your teacher.

Question Words

Hello students, 
Watch this video about Question Words and  answer the exercise below: 

How many words from the picture below, do you really know?

Those are QUESTION WORDS. We use them to formulate questions in a conversation. 

Look at the next picture and see some examples:

Now, can you come up with more examples of questions?
Write up some questions and show to your teacher next class, ok?

Present Continuous with Mr. Bean

Hello guys!
Mr. Bean is cleaning his house and making a lot of mess, too! 
How many different actions can you find here?
Watch the video and have fun!!!

Numbers - 1 to 10

Hello students!!!
This video is super fun!!! I love these puppies from Paw Patrol. Do you know their names?
Let's watch and count:

domingo, 12 de março de 2017

Numbers 1- 20

Hi guys!!!
Can you count from 1 to 20?
Watch the video and practice, ok!?

Extra Activity: Can you make a list with numbers from 1 to 20 and school objects?

For example: 
1 teacher
2 doors
3 bags
4 chairs
5 erasers...