terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2016

Blogs to visit! Students from 6th grade

Hello Students,
Here are the Blog URLs (addresses) from your friends from 6th grade. Please check each and every one and leave a nice and positive comment:

Lethycia:  (link is not working)
Isabela Michelazzo:
Luiza: (link is not working)
Cauã: No link

Igor: No link

Hobbies - What do you like doing?

Hello kids,
I love watching videos on YouTube. 
Well, I love reading books, too. 
And playing soccer, and playing videogame... ah I love cooking, and listening to music... 
And you, what are your favourite fun activities? 
What do you like doing? 
Watch this video and have some ideas for your answer:

segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2016

Is it big? Is it old?

Hey look at this beautiful pink flower! And this cat is so clean and small!

Let's describe the pictures?
Use the words :
*long or short
*dirty or clean
*beautiful or ugly
*young or old
*big or small

quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2016

Places in Town and Prepositions

Hello guys!!!
Look at the picture below. 
How many questions can you create using places and prepositions?

For example:
What's next to the florist?
What's opposite the church?

Routine and Frequency

What do you do before school? 
And after school? 
Can you describe your routine? And How often do you do these things?
Write down what you do during your day, your week...

Watch this video and use the verbs to help you:

Whose is it?

Guys, today we studied the " 'S " (possessive) cases:
Look at these examples:

Whose blog is it?
It is the teacher's blog.

Open your Student's Book.

Your mother's car is black.

The girl's jacket is bue. 

Can you complete the sentences below?

GRANDPAAAAAAAA!!!!! - "Whose are these shoes?" Song

Hello guys! 
We had a great time singing this song in class, right?
Let's sing again?

Now, answer to these questions:

Whose are the red shoes?
Whose are the grey shoes?
Whose are the blue shoes?

I Love my Pets!!!!

Hello students!
Let's sing and dance with this song:

Now, tell us: 
Have you got a pet? 
What is its name? 
Is it a fish? A dog? A Lion?